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phlebotomy training was created for all who want to correctly and safely practice phlebotomy. The authors have over 20 years of combined experience in laboratory sciences, phlebotomy program direction, and teaching many different levels and diverse populations of phlebotomy students.

The goal of the phlebotomy training materials is to provide accurate, up-to-date, and practical information and instruction in phlebotomy procedures and techniques along with a comprehensive background in phlebotomy theory and principles. It is appropriate for use as a reference for those who wish to update their skills or study for national certification.


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These sections include information and training materials for obtaining your phlebotomy certification, the phlebotomy pay scale which will help in determining what a phlebotomist salary looks like, and phlebotomy jobs.



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phlebotomy training skillsThe duties and responsibilities of a phlebotomist are increasing as healthcare delivery systems are forever growing. Phlebotomy training and advances in laboratory technology are making point-of-care testing (POCT) commonplace, and services that were once unique to the laboratory are now being provided at other locations. The development of teams and the sharing of tasks have become necessary as healthcare organizations attempt to find the balance between cost-effective treatment and high-quality care.


The duties and responsibilities of a Phlebotomist are to:


• Prepare patients for collection procedures associated with laboratory samples.

• Collect routine skin puncture and venous specimens for testing as required.

• Prepare specimens for transport to ensure stability of sample.

• Maintain patient confi dentiality.

• Perform quality-control checks while carrying out clerical, clinical, and technical duties.

• Transport specimens to the laboratory.

• Comply with all procedures instituted in the procedure manual.

• Promote good relations with patients and hospital personnel.

• Assist in collecting and documenting monthly workload and recording data.

• Maintain safe working conditions.

• Perform appropriate laboratory computer operations.

• Participate in continuing education programs.

• Collect and perform point-of-care testing (POCT).

• Perform quality-control checks on POCT instruments.

• Perform skin tests.

• Prepare and process specimens.

• Collect urine drug screen specimens.

• Perform electrocardiography.

• Perform front-office duties, current procedural terminology coding, and paperwork.



Regardless of which member of the healthcare team performs phlebotomy techniques, quality assurance demands that the highest standards be maintained and approved procedures followed. Consequently there is a standardized educational curriculum with a recognized body of knowledge, skills, and standards of practice for the phlebotomy profession.

Many hospitals, vocational schools, and colleges offer structured phlebotomy programs that not only train students in phlebotomy procedures, but also prepare them for national certification or state licensure. These programs, which can apply for approval by the National Accrediting Agency for Clinical Laboratory Sciences (NAACLS), typically include classroom instruction and clinical practice.

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According to Laboratory Medicine: A National Status Report – 2007, phlebotomy training

programs have increased sixfold from 1987 to 2003.”


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